C A T N A P P E D:: Moving...

Like many people, I'm moving my blog to Livejournal. All future updates will be found here.

-- Kai woke up at 12:45 a.m.(Friday, October 3, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Typecast

Epic movie. Heroic blacksmith. Pretty princess. Exotic Moroccan locale.

And very possibly one Orlando Bloom. The poor boy is going to be typecast. But hey, he gets to play the lead.

On a more serious note, I salute Ridley Scott for even attempting such a theme. Given the current politics in the world, not many directors would have dared to touch it with a 10-ft pole. Just take a look at that awful Greekified Sinbad cartoon.

-- Kai woke up at 09:41 p.m.(Wednesday, October 1, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: The Final Chapter

WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Return of the King.

I am still hyperventilating from the ROTK Trailer. Preview of another cool Legolas moment, hanging from an oliphaunt. On the other hand, it appears that I've been under the wrong impression that Aragorn had been wielding Anduril all the while, but the trailer shows that Elrond will be bringing Anduril to him (Was Elrond even supposed to be at Mordor's doorstep? Got to brush up on my books again). So, is there a name for his current sword? Not-Anduril perhaps? It does go well with his status of "Not-King-Yet".

Anyhow, Figwit makes a brief appearance in the smithy helping to reforge the sword. And Gandalf gets to do that cool shiny light thing with his staff while on horseback, just like in the books. I doubt that Elladan and Elrohir are going to be part of the Grey Company, but Legolas looks nicely mysterious under the hood.

*sigh* Two and a half months more to ago.

-- Kai woke up at 09:26 p.m.(Monday, September 29, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: RahXephon and X

I have to say that RahXephon has to have one of the most satisfying endings I've seen for an apocalyptic anime series. For those who have been avoiding it in fear of a similar silly handclapping thingie a la Neon Genesis Evangelion, rest assured that no such rubbish happens.

Personally (and without giving away spoilers), unless Clamp somehow manages to cook up something brilliant for X (which I seriously have doubts given their apparent lack of interest recently), a similar ending to that of RahXephon would probably be the best possible and most logical way to go.

-- Kai woke up at 11:49 p.m.(Wednesday, September 24, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: X-hole

Still no X for this month's upcoming issue of Asuka. Hmmm, perhaps in the year 2999.

-- Kai woke up at 03:48 p.m.(Tuesday, September 16, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: A pirate's life for me...

Poor dear. I hope you'll find a nice new pretty layout soon. I understand the frustration of losing all your links. Which reminds me, it's probably about time I replace Kai too.

Finally got to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a fun way to while away two hours. Johnny Depp was a riot as expected. Orlando Bloom was still Legolas. And Xandra wholeheartedly agreed with me that Will should have run off with Jack at the end. As Johnny said in the TV interview, "...they need each other..."

Best performance in the movie, though, must go to Eyeball-chan. He stole every single scene he appeared in. Seishirou-san must be mighty proud.

Incidentally, Xandra bought a nice black trenchcoaty thingie today. I seriously want to see you wearing that when we do catch Matrix Revolutions. And don't forget the sunglasses.

-- Kai woke up at 10:33 p.m.(Saturday, September 6, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Randomness

I have to disagree about a point which you had brought up during our telephone conversation this afternoon. Orlando Bloom may possibly attract a fair amount of Mary Sues, but which pretty boy doesn't? But I am willing to bet that he is probably the most slashable personality in both RPS and FPS ficdoms. And once Troy comes out next summer, I won't be surprised if his Paris got slashed with the entire Greek army. Droolworthy pics of his sexy hot bod under the warm Mediterranean sun have been circulating around the Net.

My dearest, I am absolutely miffed that I can't fansqueal with you over Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm sure the boys are hot.

-- Kai woke up at 10:11 p.m.(Thursday, July 24, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: No X in Asuka September

At least I get to save up some for the forthcoming Great Kinokuniya Sale.

-- Kai woke up at 10:06 p.m.(Thursday, July 24, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Nekotachi

Here is Bubbles with her short legs:


And here is Legolas who isn't quite camera-friendly yet:


-- Kai woke up at 12:22 a.m.(Friday, July 18, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Bah!

Just found out that Pirates of the Caribbean will only be hitting our shores on September 4. That's seven blooming weeks of wait. Darn! First it was X, and now this. By the Valar, a film featuring Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in the same breath does not require a school holiday week to reel in the fangirls. They'll be storming the cinemas even if it were an exam week. At least it gives them something to look forward to after the papers.

-- Kai woke up at 02:17 p.m.(Thursday, July 17, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: What is Clamp up to?

8 more days to the next Asuka release and Clamp-net has made no mention of whether X will return in that issue. Nothing on Kadokawa's website either. However, DNAngel fans will be pleased to note that Asuka will be giving away a free DNAngel shitajiki (pencilboard) with that issue.

-- Kai woke up at 02:33 p.m.(Wednesday, July 16, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Erm...

Harry Potter is gay?!

-- Kai woke up at 11:13 a.m.(Wednesday, July 16, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: The Two Towers -- Stickmen version

If you had missed the movie and couldn't afford the DVD, try the Stickmen version.

-- Kai woke up at 09:55 p.m.(Tuesday, July 8, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: This and that

Apologies to all who have been inundating my mailbox about the Asula updates. Okay, I ought to have this notice up on my site, but I've been busy with the "kids" (more about that below) lately, and haven't had the time to log on from home as I like. Anyhow, for those who have been wondering about the Asuka August updates...sorry to disappoint but there aren't any.

It's not my fault. Go blame CLAMP. They've been so distracted by their self-parodising multiverse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles that they haven't had time to finish up X. I can so see Fuuma telling Kamui: "Sorry dear, I don't really want to stab you, but my arms are cramping after having held up this humungous Shinken over your sexy torso for more than 4 months."

Now, there is the possible bad news that there might not be any X in the September issue either. I got conned into buying the August issue for some pathetic X freebie that wasn't worth the money I poured into it, and the two teasers for the September issue made absolutely no mention of X. Neither has Clamp-net made any mention of an X update in September, although Lawful Drug is confirmed to be available. So, don't hold your hopes up.

Anyhow, on a less depressing note, I've got myself a pair "babies" -- two cuddly kittens. One is a black&white female munchkin named Bubbles, and the other is a male ragdoll named Legolas. In the meantime, Arwen has moved back to "Lothlorien", aka my parents' place, because she is demanding of constant companionship, which a working single like myself cannot provide. But I still try to look her up regularly.

-- Kai woke up at 09:17 a.m.(Friday, July 4, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Hulking sexism

The trailers for the Hulk movie are currently assaulting us on TV, and once again it makes me wonder about those super-stretchable pants of his. Somehow I have this feeling that if Hulk had been female, she would have been naked (or at least wearing a skimpy thong that leaves little to the imagination) for the movie. I mean, look at what they did to Mystique in the X-Men movies.

-- Kai woke up at 08:34 a.m.(Friday, June 13, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Mankind is a virus *RANT*

Over here in Singapore, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) has recently embarked on a drastic programme to cull the stray cat population in Singapore as part of the "Singapore OK" cleanliness campaign. This culling affects all stray cats, including those that were previously sterilised under its "Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme". There is no rationale for this mass murder since cats are never shown to spread the SARS virus. The control of the SARS virus was the point of the "Singapore OK" campaign in the first place.

To add salt to the wound, the AVA website has this paragraph under its justification for the now-suspended rehab scheme: "AVA and SPCA figures show that over the past 10 years or more culling has not produced a significant decrease in the number of cats that have to be destroyed each year (about 13,000) or the number of complaints received (over 4,000 each year). Culling by pest control companies removes cats that are easily caught, leaving the wilder and often more prolific cats to continue to multiply. This method may produce immediate, short-term results but the results are temporary. Culling is also considered inhumane by animal lovers and people sympathetic to the cats."

Yet, now they're back to culling. If this isn't politically motivated to seek a scapegoat to placate a silly populace, I really don't know what is. The fact is: CATS DO NOT SPREAD SARS. HUMANS DO! Are we then advocating the culling of humans? Imagine if the cats were humans from a minority race, wouldn't this be like a repeat of the Black Death where Jews were persecuted and ostracised in the mistaken belief that they were carriers of the bubonic plague? And talking about the Black Death, wasn't it the large-scale culling of cats, thought to be familiars of witches, that contributed to the spread of the plague?

I can even see a parallel between this and the "war" in the Middle East. The Iraqis were murdered despite Iraq not possessing any WMDs; the cats in Singapore are being killed despite not being carriers of any plague.

Incidentally, I hope this culling has nothing to do with the Hong Kong report that SARS might have originated from civet cats, because civet cats are NOT feline cats. Somebody seriously needs zoology lessons if this was so.

Apparently, some members of the public support the cull, saying that the cats leave behind a mess after people who feed the strays fail to clean up. It is the people who are making the mess, not the cats. What do you expect the cat to do? Pick up the rubbish and throw them in the proper garbage bins? If they were that intelligent, they would be ruling the earth as we speak. This argument is akin to saying that the victim of a robbery should be jailed because she allowed herself to be robbed, whereas the robber walks free. Punish the misplaced Samaritans and make them clean up the place, but do not blame the cats for the mess.

There was a debate some time ago about the appropriateness of the name Singapura Cat since the particular pedigree is not native to Singapore, and does not exist here except as special imports. Soon we can safely say that the Singapore cat does not exist in Singapore anymore, because we have killed them all. (Note: Singapura=Singapore in Malay)

-- Kai woke up at 11:23 p.m.(Tuesday, May 27, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: I am Agent Smith

You are Agent Smith-
You are Agent Smith, from "The Matrix."
No one would ever want to run into you in a
dark alley. Cold as steel, tough as a rock,
things are your way or the highway.

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I knew there was a reason I liked him.

-- Kai woke up at 11:57 p.m.(Monday, May 26, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Point taken

I see your point about Tarrant and Vryce. I suppose my next choice would be Horatio Hornblower/Archie Kennedy, though I don't mind if Hornblower has a little on the side with Pellew. Incidentally, I'm surprised nobody has tried their hands at a Boromir x Hornblower slash. *chokes on bad pun*

-- Kai woke up at 05:12 p.m.(Monday, May 26, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Ammie's quizzie

- Character (from anywhere) you absolutely do NOT want to see killed off.
(X) Subaru, because everyone else seems to want him dead.

- Character you DO want to see killed off.
(LOTR) Movie Arwen. I don't really hate Book Arwen; just Liv Tyler's hyperventilating version.

- Character you don't want to see go evil.
(X) Subaru, because that would really be OOC, even though it might be cool.

- Character who would be fucking AWESOME going evil!!!
(X) Definitely SuperGenkiBoy Keiichi.

- Most under-rated relationship in a series.
(Matrix) Agent Smith x Neo. I see more Twins slash than ASxN.

- Most OVER-rated relationship.
(X) Seishirou x Subaru, because there isn't one, unless Subaru is secretly fornicating with the Eye. Ewww!

- Character who should get laid RIGHT NOW!
(X) Hinoto, because we've all seen what enforced celibacy is doing to her psyche. Poor Saiki (no pun intended) should have been more persistent.

- Couple who it would be a crime if they don't get married.
(Coldfire Trilogy) Gerald Tarrant x Damien Vryce. They've swapped dreams, shared blood, been to Hell and back together, argued and made up more times than most couples etc...they're made for each other despite the 900-year gap.

- Top three male characters you'd marry. (I mean, the actual "where did the bath-plug go to, dear?" day-to-day living with them deal)
1. (LOTR) Legolas. Be honest, who wouldn't?
2. (E'S) Yuuki. Intelligent, resourceful, kind, charming, occasionally temperamental, and an excellent cook.
3. (The Lions of Al-Rassan) Ammar Ibn Khairan. Who wouldn't?

- Top three female characters you'd marry.
This is a hard one since most female characters are either vapid or forgettable.
1. (Pride and Prejudice) Elizabeth Bennet. Assertive, fallible, and very lovable. The main reason I ever read the book.
2. Luthien. Tolkein is generally terrible with his female characters. But when he writes them strong, they're near Mary-Sueish mythic proportions. Even Aragorn pales beside her.
3. (Dilbert) Alice. I love her FIST-OF-DEATH.

-- Kai woke up at 11:54 p.m.(Saturday, May 24, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Arwen piccie

Here's a little pic of my Arwen taken by my Clié named Legolas.


Oh no! I forgot about your birthday!! *whacks head* Happy Belated Birthday Satsy!!!

-- Kai woke up at 11:18 p.m.(Saturday, May 24, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Sei-chan lives!

It was a pleasure watching the movie with you too. By the way, someone on my Sakura Board has convinced me that Agent Smith = Sei-chan reloaded. The clothes, the birds, and the fist-in-the-chest thingie. Now, if only he would give his right eyeball (perhaps containing the key code to the real Matrix) to Neo in the next instalment... *grin*

-- Kai woke up at 04:25 p.m.(Monday, May 19, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Disappointed for the second time in a fortnight

*WARNING*: The following entry may contain spoilers for both X Men 2 and Matrix Reloaded. Read at your own risk.

First, Cyclops didn't kiss Professor Xavier as I'd hoped, and now, Agent Elrond Smith didn't lick Neo's ears despite the obvious temptation. Unless, of course, there's a cut scene somewhere. Xandra and I agreed that the relationship between the latter two was bordering slashily into something obsessive like KazumaxRyuhou, and the sneaks of Matrix Revolution only served to reinforce that image.

BTW, Agent Elrond makes a wonderful grand entrance that would have made Seishirou envious. X fans would know what I mean.

-- Kai woke up at 11:08 p.m.(Saturday, May 17, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Of Ikea and Iraq

Just before the "war", a colleague and I used to share a joke. Fellow Singaporeans would be aware of that cute little Ikea ad where a bunch of thugs forced their way into this guy's house and demanded in Chinese for some unnamed item.

THUG BOSS: "Where is it?"
GUY: "I don't know."
THUG BOSS: "Cut the crap. Where is it?!"
GUY, looks around his messy apartment: "I really don't know!"

What has this got to do with Iraq? Imagine the thugs as the coalition forces, and the guy as Iraq. So far, no justification for the war has been found, though I would not be surprised if the US would be forced to plant evidence sooner or later. After all, the guy who lost the election is the President, courtesy of some ingenious ballot design.

BTW, here's a suggestion to anti-US despots of oil-rich countries: Set up your command centre and bunker under the Oil Ministry. Somehow, no hail of cruise missiles, cluster bombs or tank fire would ever so much as scratch the building.

-- Kai woke up at 12:09 p.m.(Sunday, May 11, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Army of Elronds

Saw the trailer for Matrix Reloaded. Looks cool, though it's obvious that the manga-flapping-coat effects were CG'ed. But I just can't help giggling when Lord El..., sorry, Agent Smith did his "Mr. Anderson" in his trademark drawl, and there's more than one of him. I really don't think I can refrain from squealing "Elrond!" in the theatres, and then bursting into laughing fits. Xandra, will we be catching this one together? If so, please remember to kick me when I start to get ticklish.

-- Kai woke up at 04:12 p.m.(Friday, April 25, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: More Arwens

According to this, my name "Alison" translates to the Elvish, Arwen. *lol* At least I can now say that my puppy is named after me in Elvish.

Now, if only I can find myself an Estel.

-- Kai woke up at 12:47 p.m.(Wednesday, April 23, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Arwen

No kitties since Arwen is living with me, and not with my parents. You'll get to see her the next time you pop by. No more irresponsible behaviour like out shopping for the whole day. Gotta rush home to feed the baby.

-- Kai woke up at 11:00 p.m.(Wednesday, April 16, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Arwen, it is!

Mom couldn't pronounce "Eowyn", nor could she remember "Galadriel". So she had to compromise. *grin*

-- Kai woke up at 11:32 p.m.(Tuesday, April 15, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Cat person with a dog

I just got a new puppy yesterday, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She hasn't been named yet. I want to name her Arwen, but mom thinks it sounds like "oven".

-- Kai woke up at 07:16 a.m.(Sunday, April 13, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: Interlude

I've decided to add Becky to my spy list. Thanks for providing the screencaps to E'S Otherwise Episode 02. I haven't seen the anime yet, but the characters are really cool in the manga. Eiji and Maxim are really sexy villains. I hope the anime keeps to the character dynamics in the books, cos' I simply love all the YuukixKai interactions. There really isn't any slash in E'S yet, but the two of them are so cute together it doesn't really matter. And the strangest thing is, I like Kai x Asuka despite hating Kamui x Kotori. Asuka is just so adorable in the manga.

Incidentally, I finally saw the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean, and am still struggling to wipe the drool off my desk. Orlando is Blooming hot!

-- Kai woke up at 11:19 p.m.(Friday, April 11, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: "Law" of the jungle

Chemical hypocrites.

-- Kai woke up at 01:49 p.m.(Tuesday, April 8, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: "Lawful" weapons

*Snerk* Cluster bombs are lawful weapons. Tell that to the helpless civilians of Babylon. You can't win the hearts and minds of people whose torsos and heads have already been ripped apart by your "legal" weapons of mass destruction. Or are the coalition forces talking about collecting physical hearts and brains as war trophies?

There was a line from an episode of Young Indiana Jones where a poor South American farmer, when asked why he did not support the rebel leader, said something like, "It doesn't matter who's in control. They still steal my chickens." I suppose the typical Iraqi response would be, "It doesn't matter whether it's Saddam or the Americans. They still murder my family."

-- Kai woke up at 12:04 a.m.(Saturday, April 5, 2003)

C A T N A P P E D:: At long last

After months of Lawful Drug and tie-tying scenes, I've finally changed my layout. Nothing too fanciful, but I've always loved this cute pic of Asuka's pet kittens (how many does she have exactly?) snuggling next to Kai. I scanned this pic from Memoriatechnica, but it's actually found in the manga. As Kai got up and was making his way to the kitchen, he almost tripped over the kittens who were playing catch around his feet. I had to squeal "KAWAII!"

Anyhow, in case you've missed my last entry, Becky has kindly put up screencaps of E'S Otherwise Episode 01. Go see!

-- Kai woke up at 11:41 p.m.(Friday, April 4, 2003)

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